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I'm sorry!

wtorek, 02 listopada 2010 22:08
Sorry I've been waiting so long for a new post!
I could not write, because people happened to the laptop so please forgive me ...
Are you sure you want to know what I write today? Today I write about how I was going to market ...

I walked quietly as I do not know what ... And suddenly jumps out from behind the fountain and Sportacus says:
Sportacus: Hi Julianna!
Me: Hi ... Long time no see huh?
Sportacus: Yes, it's true ... Where are you going?
Me: I have to go to the bakery to buy bread, why?
Sportacus: Nothing ... so I ask out of curiosity. Well I gotta go bye!
Me: Bye!

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My Departure from Sportacus

wtorek, 19 stycznia 2010 22:12
Hi, I wrote not so long since I left for a long time I could not wait to meet you, I went to the Super Sportacus was just do not know how I describe it to you ... Let me know just tell you this:

When we arrived at the site of Sportacus said:
Sportacus: pięknie.Pierwszy But here I am again away from my best friend ...
I: The truth? "But still when they recorded an episode that we were at a scout camp of our own ...
Sportacus: Well it's true ... Cool or a section of the rescued robiego when almost fell from the Plaid ...
Me: HA HA HA so it was just fun ...
Sportacus: Zigi Or if he was afraid to sleep outside because it is done disguised himself as a Dinosaur.
Me: I'm Sleeping ...
Sportacus: I, too, can let us go inside prześpimy a little ...
Me: Well ...- she yawned and went to Sportacus to the Hotel where we had booked the place ...
In the hotel:
Me: Good night Sportacus
Sportacus: That night Stephanie

And after almost a year, although I do not know exactly when we came back to London ...

Regards: Stephanie & Sportacus

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środa, 25 listopada 2009 18:56
And that some of my pics

I am behind the scenes

And this Sportakuz

More tomorrow
Regards: Stephanie & Sportacus.
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Lazy Town

sobota, 14 marca 2009 21:51

Original title LazyTown
Country of manufacture Iceland
Creator Magnús Scheving
The main roles Magnús Scheving
Julianna Rose Mauriello
Stefán Karl Stefánsson
World Release date August 16, 2004
Poland May 19, 2008
The first issue 2004-2007
Number of sections 53 (2 series)
Duration of episode 22 minutes
Episode List
Music Mania Svavarsson
Iceland TV station Sjónvarpið
United States Nick Jr., Noggin, Discovery Kids, V-me, CBS
United Kingdom BBC One, CBeebies
Jetix Poland
Awards see
Preceded Glanni Glæpur í Latabær
LazyTown Extra Continuation

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